Daniele J. Suissa

Daniele J. Suissa began her career in film and theatre in Paris. In Canada, she founded 3 Themes, Inc., a production company that has produced over three hundred commercials and twenty-nine international co-productions for screen and television, eighteen of which she directed, some of which won international recognition on the film festival circuit. Better known films include THE MORNING MAN with Kerrie Keane, SECRET OF NANDY with Bibi Anderson and Michael Sarrazin and POCAHANTAS: THE LEGEND starring Sandrine Holt, Miles O’Keefe and Tony Goldwyn.

M. Alessandro di Gaetano

Producer/writer Alessandro di Gaetano is well known in cult film circles for his productions. He has written and directed METAL BEAST, starring Kim Delaney and Barry Bostwick, BUTCH CAMP starring Judy Tenuda, SMALL TOWNS ARE MURDER and DRIBBLE, with basketball legend “Pistol Pete” Maravich, which also marked the film debut of Dennis Haysbert. A pioneer in computer generated graphics his UFO: TARGET EARTH was lauded by Box Office Magazine as “…the most convincing portrayal of an alien ever put on film.” As co-owner of Centrum International Marketing Research Group of Atlanta and Chicago, he implemented regional and national advertising campaigns for EMI/ANGEL/CAPITOL RECORDS, ABC and RCA Records. Accepting the position of Advertising Manager for American National Pictures, he then went on to write and direct numerous infomercials, with Scott Masdsen’s SOLOFLEX aerobics workout video, being an international success.

Nicholas Thomas

Nicholas Thomas has been a talent manager for over thirty years, representing star clients in television and film who have garnered illustrious international awards.

Michael January

Michael January's previous films include action features TO BE THE BEST, FIREPOWER, CIA II: TARGET ALEXA with Lorenzo Lamas, the hostage drama THE HEIST starring Andrew McCarthy and Cynthia Geary, WARPATH and BavariaFilm’s romantic thriller for German broadcaster SAT1, DER TOD IN DEINEN AUGEN starring Thomas Kretschmann (KING KONG/THE PIANIST). Michael January appears in the documentary on screenwriting and companion book from Harper Collins, TALES FROM THE SCRIPT.

Gilbert Bell
Executive Producer

Gilbert Bell and Alessandro di Gaetano formed Intermedia Artists as a production development and talent company. NEOWOLF, under Neo Partners, is their debut feature production. Gilbert has held executive positions at various theatrical talent agencies including Sue Goldin Agency, A.C.M./Atkins & Associates and the Dale Garrick Agency. Some of his discoveries include Grant Show (MELROSE PLACE), Sam Jones (FLASH GORDON), Tina Yothers (FAMILY TIES), Brian Patrick (BRAND NEW LIFE) and Jessie Ramirez (CONSTANTINE).

Gerard Soussan
Executive Producer

Gerard J. Soussan, well-respected lawyer based in Beverly Hills, California specializes in Entertainment, Real Estate, Contract, Corporate and Commercial, as well as Immigration and International Law. Prior to having his own practice he has worked for other law firms that include Fulop & Hardee, Roger & Wells, Kadison, Pfaelzer, Woodar, Quinn & Rossi and with the World Bank in Washington, DC. He is a member of the bar in California, the District of Columbia and the Paris Bar in France.

Penny Styles McLean

Penny Styles McClean has been working in movie and television production since 1978. She has served as Producer and Editor on the film REUNION and Unit Production Manager on APRIL MOON, directed the documentary film THE PROTECTORS on the subject of Child Welfare System and is CEO Small Potatoes Productions based in Riverside, California. Penny is well connected in film production in the Palm Springs area and because of her experience in various behind the camera departments and her sense of teamwork, Penny has connected with many of the top professionals in the field of production.

Ermanno Barone

Ermanno Barone has served as associate producer on SAVAGE LAND starring Corbin Bernsen and Graham Green, the award winning THE ROAD HOME, starring Kris Kristofferson, Danny Aiello, Mickey Rooney and Charles Martin Smith. The film won best picture at the Chicago Children’s Film Festival and was featured at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Additional credits include an associate producer credit on THUNDERING 8TH, starring Larry Wilcox and June Lockhart. His personal philosophy is…to truly live you must dream, as it is in the pursuit of your dreams that you truly live.

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